Divine Mount Olympus

Premium extra virgin olive oil

We love olive oil and we want to share our love for this fine gift of nature. So, we created a superb premium extra virgin olive oil, and we are proud to offer it to you. Divine makes us really proud with its extremely low acidity, the richness of its taste and an aftertaste you can never forget.

We hand pick the olives from the Pierian Mountains, the backyard of the Olympian Gods, and gently crush them within hours of picking them, to ensure a premium extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality.

When it comes to packaging, Divine makes us brag again. Shipped in a stylish case, each modern designed bottle of our very limited production is numbered. Every bottle also comes with an extra elegant cork pourer to facilitate serving. The final touch that makes Divine so unique is the small, round wooden piece attached to the bottle; it comes from the olive treesbearing the olives used to produce this superb premium olive oil.


Weight 0.5 kg

500 ml


Olympus mountain – Pieria5


5 bottles per case

“Divine Mount Olympus”