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Leto cafe – restaurant
Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Vienna

New Opening Hours  MO – FR  11:30 – 00:00 SA – SU 11:00 – 00:00 Let yourself enjoy modern Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Vienna! Café restaurant Leto offers you an exceptional Mediterranean experience with exquisite recipes from the region. At Leto we only add the most delicate seasonings, aromatic spices, natural and highest quality products to each […]

Greek wines
The Greek vineyard is rich with a multitude of varieties and a limitless spectrum of choices.

As an aperitif Sun-dried sweet wines originated from every part of Greece. Taste the worldwide famous Santorinian Vinsanto, made by blending together the varieties of Assyrtiko and Aidani. The famous Vinsanto, a luscious sweet wine, is made from sun-dried grapes and aged by law for at least three years. A good Vinsanto, however, can easily age for […]

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