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Series “ati”
from Argyrakis family

History The history of the Argyrakis family starts from Smyrna (Izmir) at the beginning of 20th century. There, Georgios Argyrakis, a horse trader, following the local traditional practices, made a remarkable wine in his own estate. After the Great fire of Smyrna in 1922, the family moved to Thessaloniki, Greece. The grandson, GiorgosArgyrakis, continued the […]

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Single Estate

TERRAOLIVO 2014,June 18 Prestige Gold OLIVE JAPAN 2014,April 27 Gold Medal TERRAOLIVO 2013,June 5 Gold   Organic product Certification body at BIOHELLAS,Inspection Institute for Organic Products. PGI Lakonia Certification body at Agrocert. ISO 22000:2005 Certification body at TÜV HELLAS S.A. member of TÜV NORD GROUP. IFS Food Standard Certification Certification body at TUV NORD tips […]

Roasted Natural Amfissis Olives

Our Green Natural Amfissis olives come from our estates.They are hand-picked and carefully selected before we strart the traditional processing using only sea salt and water. This procedure may be difficult and long since we have to wait at least 9 months before the olives are ready,but is also necessary in order to ensure the […]

Olive Tapenades!
Elia Olive, Umami Olive, Rustico Olive

Re-define Olive Tapenades!   The main characteristic of this new line of products is the gustatory delight of the customer, since our tapenades really elevate this particular category of product to a whole new level. The basic ingredient is of course the best, natural, green Amfissis olives, which in each recipe are supplemented by different, […]