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November 21st 19:00, WineBank Vienna

Grünangergasse 8, 1010 Wien


Divine Tastes invite you to an experience of exquisite tastes that will initiate you to the amazing world of contemporary Greek wine.

Wine tasting will be accompanied with a variety of Greek delicacies made by 3 Greek Chef’s.

Marinos Chondroulidis, Chris Gremos, and Andreas Missias they created a menu which each wine, will pair it, with the corresponding dish.


We will present 13 Greek wines from 7 different wineries. The wineries are :

The wine list and the dishes:

  • Assyrtiko Papagiannakos white with Bruschetta |Grilled vegetables | Asparagus | Aioli Dip
  • Roya Nopera dry Muscat white with Shrimps “Kantaifi” | Mango chutney
  • Ati white Argirakis with Fresh green leaves | Cherry tomatoes | Citrus flavors
  • Savvatiano Mylonas white with Black lentils | Honey | Coriander | Βlack truffle flavor
  • Malagouzia Papagiannakos white with Seabass filet | Kiwi | Lime | Anise | Citrus flavor | Chili
  • Ati red Argirakis with Ionian Numbulo | Fresh fruits


Book your seat until 16th of November 2018

Price per person 39 euro.