Avgoustiatis stems from a rare grape variety cultivated in Greece since the 14th century. It is naturally associated with Zakynthos, constituting a great share of red grape viticulture in the island (over 180 hectares).

Resilient to drought, with moderate berry size and small yield, the production of Avgoustiatis focuses on high quality and uniqueness. Due to its soft tannins and rich primary flavors, it is ready for consumption without aging. However, aging in oak barrels could imbue this wine with a special identity.

Cultivated on hilly locations, graced with the Mediterranean microclimate, Avgoustiatis takes a deep, vivid red colour, soft tannins and moderate to high acidity. Its bold flavors vary from cocoa, walnut and vanilla to blackberry, whortlberry, and morello, granting the wine a balanced taste and lasting finish.

Today, Avgoustiatis is rarely found in single varietal bottling, as several winemakers combine it with other, Greek or international varieties, such as Monastrell, Mavrodaphne, Agiorgitiko and Mavrotragano. It is a relatively light wine, standing out of the classic varieties and pleasantly surprising the most experienced wine experts. Naturally, it is classified in the fringe wines selection, due to the rarity of the grape variety, the traditional cultivation, and low volumes. An ideal companion to: red meat, poultry and/or vegetables with red sauce, dishes with intense taste, spices and yellow cheeses.