The historical white grape variety of Savvatiano is among the Greek vineyard’s most widely planted varieties. Whether on its own, as part of blends, or as part of many PGI wines, the variety is responsible for a considerable volume of the dry whites produced. Still, once oenophiles have secured a good Savvatiano in their glass, they will certainly be won over by the wine’s singularity as well as by the fact that this varietal is ready to prove that quality does not come from showing off but by demonstrating its essence.

We cannot omit the fact that Savvatiano is not only the variety responsible for a palette of new, Greek wines but is also the key variety which has traditionally been used to make retsina. The bad news for the variety is that long years of its use toward poor results in retsina have contributed to its lack of popularity. The good news is that these poor results are almost entirely a thing of bygone-wine-history in Greece. It must be stressed at this point that, despite past performance, an excellent bottle of Savvatiano and a modern version of retsina are not simply exceptional tiles in the puzzle of the cross-cultural, global vineyard. Invaluable companions to various meals and dishes, they worthily fulfill their role as genuine and successful “meal wines.”