Greek wine scene has reached a certain level of maturity, but, at the same time, it is one of the most dynamic in the world. Greek wine producers have numerous strategic options available –reinforcing established styles, re-inventing classics or exploring possibilities of up-coming grape varieties, new terroirs or new winemaking techniques. The permutations for the new wines of Greece seem endless and fascinating.

The new wines of Greece illustrate all the different facets of this energetic wine producing country. They showcase the typicity of important appellations, demonstrate the potential of new trends or publicize notable achievements of Greek wine in international wine competitions.

Every selection of new wines of Greece introduced in this portal is destined to be merely a snapshot of the current state of affairs in Greek wine. It is by no means static, while wines will be regularly changing. Thus, it may play the role of an excellent starting point for getting to know the Wines of Greece.