Assyrtiko is a rare, classy white grape, possibly some of the greatest varieties found in the Mediterranean basin. It originated from Santorini (Assyrtiko-Santorini) but it spread all over Greece, becoming, in terms of quality, one of the most important native varietals. It produces mainly dry white wines, some of which are being aged in oak. However, a number of sweet wines are made, from sun-dried grapes.
Assyrtiko is one of these rare white grape varieties that can grow in hot and dry climatic conditions, while at the same keeping the high alcohol in perfect balance by its crisp acidity. It is more of a textural variety, emphasizing extract, body, and structure, rather than an aromatic grape.
Assyrtiko originates from PDO Santorini, where it makes lean, mineral and very concentrated whites. However, it has been planted in most Greek wine regions, from the other Aegean Islands to Macedonia (PDO Slopes of Meliton), Central Greece and down to the Peloponnese. In these areas, Assyrtiko keeps the crispness and minerality but it also shows a higher level of primary fruit aromas and a less dense structure.
Assyrtiko is made for people looking for unconventional, intense styles of whites, that lean towards texture and density. It offers sensations that are well away from the average, “commercially appealing” dry white. Very food friendly, especially with grilled fish and seafood.
Sweet Assyrtiko wines are eternal – time simply resists going into them.