Atheri is an ancient white vine variety of the Aegean Sea, which has been used for centuries for a production of exquisite white dry wines. Its properties were recognized by growers, of the rest Greece, whereby developed into an effective agent and extremely elegant expression white wines Cyclades and Dodecanese.

Athiri is a variety that fits amazingly into the conditions of the anhydrous and warm Aegean Sea and yields a wide variety of soils. It gives wines with moderate aromatic intensity and aromas of white and yellow fruits, moderate levels of alcohol, moderate acidity, medium volume, freshness, and vitality. Atheri is cultivated on all the Aegean islands and is a significant variety even on Crete. Nevertheless, many vineyards have been planted in the hinterland.

For those who want to come into contact with the spirits of white dry wines of the Aegean Sea, athiri is an excellent proposition. It is simple and no heavy structure and its mild taste make the wines of the Athiri variety suitable for a wide range of dishes, combined with difficulty with wine. However, Greeks enjoy the athiri as an aperitif, especially before hot summer meals. This is a variety of vine that gives wines for consumption at an early age, within two or three years of their harvest, although there are some samples delicate and complex, even in their five years.

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