100% GRAPE


With great care and collecting them at the appropriate time, the red grapes of the Crimson variety, are concentrated and gentle processing methods are used in order for the juice to be pasteurized in modern facilities (which keep all the high Quality Standards ) which preserve its natural qualities. Unchanged, without any intervention and without the addition of preservatives or anything else, it is ready for everyone to enjoy! It is an ideal food for children, seniors, athletes, people on a diet or those who want to enjoy a different Cocktail) !.

Our care does not stop there, but is completed with the Premium package of Ariadne, in glass translucent bottles of 285ml, with a special metal security cap, which among others, shows if the product has been opened or not.

In Northern Greece, where the climatic conditions are harsher, the Viticulture, has flourished for thousands of years. 20 km away from the palace of Philip and Alexander the Great (Vergina) in Ampelochorafa, Kria Vrissi the Crimson grapes are cultivated with care and passion. They are collected and transported directly to special adjacent premises, in order for the juice to be made, just a few hours after the harvest!

Along the fertile valleys and the hilly plains of the area, other excellent varieties of grapes and other fruit are grown, such as peaches and apples, producing products known worldwide.







285 ml


Macedonia – Greece