Natural and energy cleansing. Deeply clean yourself in a Natural and Energizing way.

Cleansing with the “Deep Cleansing Face Lotion” of the “Advanced” line.
It cleanses, “locates”, “attracts” and removes substances foreign to the skin (pollutants from the atmosphere, make-up, toxins, remnants). It smoothes out and gives a solid look. It regenerates, illuminates and restores the face to its original “clean” state. It raises your mood and tones up your features. We sort out and dispose of any “non-useful” element on every level, we lighten, open up and radiate positive, true, clean energy.  We normalize our internal and external conflicts, reconciling our inner with our outer image.

Frequency of use:
Daily (mainly during de-make up)
“Deep Cleansing Face Lotion” contains the primeval – energizing “Face Elixir” by  AGEMA.
“Deep Cleansing Face Lotion” can be used by men and women alike.