A journey of salts 2

Four of the best salts of the world.

01. Smoked sea salt from Messolonghi
The Messolonghi pure sea salt has been smoked in beechwood for 140 hours – NO artificial smoke flavourings. Ideal for meat, legumes, potatoes, soups and vegetarian meals.
02. Fleur de sel
The purest, the tastier of all sea salts. Ancient Greeks called it “ANTHOS ALATOS” hence the name Fleur De Sel.
It will work miracles as finishing salt on salads, potatoes, eggs, among others.
03. Himalayan salt with turmeric & other spices
100% natural Himalayan rock salt, produced in Pakistan. NO HEAVY METALS

04. Sea salt from Messolonghi with oregano & sesame

Our sea and rock salt herbal blends, contain oregano, turmeric, rosemary, paprika & other rich in flavor herbs and spices. Pure sea salt from Messolonghi 90%, sesame from Evros 5% and organic Cretan herbs (oregano, thyme, spearmint) 5%. Use it in cooking instead of broth cubes or flavor your salads, pasta or potatoes.


Weight 0.32 kg

4 x 80 gr




4 combos per case