Orivatis Akriotou

Dry red wine

With light Burgundish air!

Bright ruby color in the glass with purple hues.

Cool aromas of red fruit with plum and cherry like you just cut it. Strawberry in more jammy form, blackcurrant and raspberry complement the fruity side of its character. From now on, light animal hints of bacon and leather, graphite, and hints of licorice complete the beautiful bouquet.

Moderate volume body, as cool as the nose, with subtle fruity flavors being supported by soft tannins and balanced acidity. Cherry, strawberry, and blackcurrant are in the lead, with licorice complementing the pleasant and easy-set. The long-lasting fruity aftertaste leaves the cherry in the mouth for quite a while. Enjoy it slightly chilled at 16 degrees.

Enjoy it on its own as an aperitif, pair with pasta with light red sauces, salmon burger, grilled red meat or a juicy moussaka



Type: dry
Year: 2015
Alcohol: 13,5 %
Origin: Aigialia
Variety: Pinot Noir





Plataies, Viotia – Greece


6 bottles per box