Premium Organic 500ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our first authentic product G.E.T.| Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of our collaboration with a young dedicated producer that shares our passion for excellence.

G.E.T.|Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a gourmet product of great finesse that will satisfy even the more demanding palates.

Its fruity character combines perfectly with a slight bitterness and a pleasant spicy aftertaste. A complexity of aromas and flavors will overwhelm you at the first try. Smells of freshly cut grass, green banana and tomato come in mind. In the mouth one can taste almond, mountain herbs and a hint of artichoke;

A food made to offer a unique gastronomical experience!

We respect the environment and encourage fair and eco compatible farming methods. Our producer practices only organic farming. He takes advantage of natural processes, which promote good soil, healthy crops, and healthy animals.The olive groves, are certificated for organic farming and thus no pesticide or chemical fertilizers were used at any stage during production.

Our bottle contains the purest produce Greek nature can offer.

Certificated by  BIOHELLAS certification institute.

  • Variety: Koroneiki
  • Location: Lakonia Peloponnese
  • Period of harvest: Mid-end of December
  • Acidity (during bottling): 0,24%
  • Extraction: only few hours from harvest
  • Cold extraction: <27°C

Bottle size: 500ml(16.9 Fl Oz)
The  laboratory we collaborate with is recognized by the International Olive Council.


Acidity 0,24%
K232 1,579
K270 0,127
Peroxide value 5,6m EqO2/Kg
ΔΚ -0,003
Waxes 61mg/Kg









Weight 0.5 kg

500ml glass bottle


Lakonia – Peloponnese


10 Unit/case

“Premium Organic 500ml”